Rental conditions

2015-05-09 14.36.02Reservation and payment
After reservation of the apartment you will receive an invoice for the advance payment of 50% of the rent. This advance payment must be settled within 8 days, with which the reservation becomes definite and with which the tenant automatically agrees himself with the hiring conditions. When the advance payment has not been received within the fixed time, the reservation expires. The remainder amount, the costs of final clean up, the guarantee and possible pick up / drop off fee must have been fulfilled 4 weeks for the beginning of the hiring period.

At cancellation the rent is entirely charged in principle. Cancellation insurance is recommended. If the apartment in the discussed period can be let to others, the hiring sum for the let days will be restituted, under calculation of administrative costs of 150 euro.

The apartments are managed by Edwin and Miranda Vries-Wijnands, tel. (00 5999) 736 0939. The management takes care of the tenant, prepares him in the house and states to answer all questions concerning the apartment.

Minimum stay Arrival and departure
A minimum stay of 7 nights is applicable, but arrival on each day of the week is possible. The tenant can enter the apartment at day of arrival as from 16.00. Departure time is 12.00 (or as differently arranged) concerning the final cleaning. The management ensures the transport of and to the airport, if has been reserved for this.

Damage to the villa and inventory
If by it its co-occupiers damaged to the apartment or to of the tenant or are/the inventory matter is dealt, this is charged. Possible damage Wanddecoratie bovenappartementmust be reported directly, or in any case for the departure, to the management. The costs are settled with the guarantee. Small damage (up to euro 25), if reported, will not be charged. The tenant is urgently requested also to report lacks that occurred not by his mattering.

The deposit amounts Euro100 at an occupation up to and including four persons and Euro 200 at more than four persons. The deposit, after deducting possible damage costs and additional usage of electricity, is paid back within 14 days after departure from the apartment.

Water and electricity
The costs of water and electricity are on Curacao, in comparison with Europe very high. In the totally chargeable amount the normal use of water and electra is included. Because of this the tenant must act in a responsible manner the usage of water and electricity. If management observes that tenant consumes unnecessarily much water or in irresponsible manner handles, management is entitled to terminate the rent immediately and the tenant must compensate these extra costs. Under irresponsible use we understand among others leave the water tap open for a long time without aim, the air-conditioning turned on without the doors and windows closed, or leave the air-conditioning on if you leave the apartment.

cropped-2015-03-22-13.49.55.jpgRemaining rental conditions
You must insure yourself for all applicable insurances. The use of the apartment occurs on your own risk. Tenant obliges himself during the hiring period to keep the apartment in clean state. The warm climate attracts more earlier
vermin, we request you for this reason to throw away food rests in for that intend available dustbin and regularly clean. The tenant is obliged on the day of departure leave the apartment in the same state in which the apartment has been obtained at arrival.